Up to date videos

These videos have been recorded for recent versions of Lighting Launcher

Introduction to Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher – Desktop edition

Older videos

These videos were recorded for previous versions of Lightning Launcher. Menus, buttons, icons might be different because the user interface has evolved a lot (and will likely still evolve). Concepts are still the same though, and you may want to have a look at these videos anyway


Basic editing

Pinning items

Pages and navigation

How to lock screen

Customizing items

Scrolling stop points

Main concept

Lock the screen

Customizing items

Swipe gestures

Swipe gestures on items

Configure borders, background and more

Sidebars – enjoy your wallpaper

Slider folder template

Item geometry editor

New editing style

“Embedded folders”, aka “panel”, aka “item box”, aka “dock”

Customize items

First steps

How to configure a lock screen

Fun with scripts

A scripted sketchpad

A scripted clock

Scripted Compass

Scripted Fade Unlocker