Lightning Launcher has initially been written from scratch but nevertheless makes use of the following external Open Source softwares:

Software Version License Modified Link
Rhino 1.7R4 No
Android Palette v7 No
DragSortListView c3cfccee21676149dfdf8e803c0ec2eaebc6b841 Yes
SystemBarTintManager c22688b9ed14f086b258b86a9df2df3b3ea89244 Yes
Ted 9dca952602ba0db96da1d4d472906d913ce00844 MIT Licence / Expat Yes
android-ColorPickerPreference 860823c3e086f8d6822672c772866dc5f5d57328 Yes
Tasker API Unspecified Unspecified No
Locale Developer Plugin (for Tasker API) Unspecified No
Ok-Google-Hotword-Lib 98145750df1cc5c98592eea1107296630108500d Unspecified No
Material Design Iconic Font 2.1.2 Subset of the font
android-gifview (GifDecoder class) r7 Yes
android-gif-encoder 1fc5a35eb0d7fa8ace73f9620a16283495b1c6be Unspecified No
App widget Picker 2b8aea84dbde30f9da01babd6aa8f186369fe1da Yes