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Lightning is awesome! The developer is quick to respond to issues, and he values user feedback! The user community is active and wonderful! While Lightning has a more significant learning curve than most launchers, it is SIGNIFICANTLY more customizable than every other launcher on the market. It has Tasker integration, custom scripting (javascript), multiple desktops (each with the ability to scroll between screens), custom themes, fully customizable lock screen, and more!

Josh Horner (link to public review)


THE best launcher just got better. With the added capabilities of scripting and now the new editing UI, the most customizable android launcher ever just got easier and faster to customize.

Chris Chastain (link to public review)


The reason Android exists: Customization I’ve tried many home launchers and they all had their spiffy features and reasons that made them “the best”. The truth is they didn’t tell you that their “features” eat your battery and memory for dinner! This is one thing that sets Lightning Launcher apart from the rest. It doesn’t have fancy features, but it does have SPEED. My Droid Maxx is fast already, but Lightning is more so! The other thing that makes Lightning top notch is its insane amount of customization. The best on the market, hands down!

Nico Fruciano (link to public review)


Hands down the best Launcher I’m using it for “ages” now, getting better and better, already donated, still bought eXtreme — well deserved!!

Lutz Linke (link to public review)


Pleine de fonctionnalités !! Je l’utilise depuis longtemps et je n’est toujours pas utiliser toutes les possibilités offertes ! C’est juste le meilleur launcher pour la personnalisation infini ! Bravo au developpeur c’est magnifique !!

Benoît de Chezelles (link to public review)


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