Change log

Changes for the last few versions. The full ChangeLog from the very first versions can be found on the history page.

Lightning v14.2 / 2910 2017-12-24 18:17

  • Merry Christmas !

Lightning v14.2b3 / 2909 2017-12-23 09:01

  • Fix the back key behavior in the app drawer
  • Fix an issue with action bar and tabs overlap
  • Fix a crash when trying to select the default launcher
  • Minor fix for SVG image recognition

Lightning v14.2b2 / 2903 2017-12-19 06:43

  • Fix for Oreo adaptive icons
  • Rework of the translations loader, due to changes in build system
  • Minor change in how system bars are handled in Oreo
  • Built with newest Android tools

Lightning v14.2b1 / 2896 2017-03-01 06:34

  • Support for a subset of SVG images in apps, shortcuts and backgrounds, along with binding and scripting features

Lightning v14.1.5 / 2893 2017-02-15 20:53

  • Fix a bug that could lead to a crash when using the z-index property in bindings
  • Fix an issue with stop point reach event not being able to store more than one action
  • Fix a minor issue with template loading
  • Fix nine patches on Android 7+
  • Check z-index value in bindings (display an error message and prevent crash)

Lightning v14.1.4 / not released

Lightning v14.1.3 / 2883 2017-01-26 10:45

  • Fix multiple app add from app drawer when these apps are in folders
  • Fix a crash when trying to edit folder settings of a app drawer folder linked on a desktop
  • Fix a bug that could happen while using the close all folders action in the app startup event
  • Prevent scripts to set a null intent to shortcut

Lightning v14.1.2 / 2879 2016-12-24 10:10

  • Fix a bug that could prevent some scripts to execute properly

Lightning v14.1.1 / 2878 2016-12-21 17:01

  • Minor bug fix related to z-order

Lightning v14.1 / 2876 2016-12-21 15:24

  • Improved behavior of chained actions when changing desktop
  • Workaround for the status bar always displayed in the app drawer when running the search (enforced by the system when displaying the keyboard)
  • In the app drawer, allow the search to work on all apps, even if the “Alphabetical mode” is disabled
  • Fix the clickable property
  • Fix the user variable selection dialog
  • Other minor bugfixes

Lightning v14.1b2 / 2869 2016-12-19 09:38

  • Miscellaneous improvements in the new action configuration screen
  • Fix alphabetical sort of items using html in their label
  • Fix a few crashes

Lightning v14.1b1 / 2867 2016-12-15 13:16

  • Support for configuring multiple actions per event
  • New startup event
  • Events in the general settings can now be accessed from the Configuration API

Lightning v14.0.2 / 2862 2016-11-28 11:35

  • Fix preview issue with large font in the font picker
  • Fix multi-selection removal in app drawer
  • Fix some issues when merging templates (fonts not imported, widget not reloaded with data if available)
  • Fix back key behavior with panels

Lightning v14.0.1 / 2851 2016-11-21 18:20

  • More consistent behavior when adding items
  • Fix an issue with app drawer customization when the My Drawer category has been disabled
  • Fix an issue with bookmark creation
  • Fix some translations issues
  • Fix a script error reporting issue linked with interruptions (alert, confirm, various other cases)
  • Detect LWP key without restart

Lightning v14 / 2825 2016-11-17 13:07

  • Not anymore a beta!

Lightning v14b7 / 2823 2016-11-15 09:40

  • Fix the value of $screenwidth and $screenheight variables
  • Improved support for overlay views (video, opengl, etc) although not perfect
  • A few more minor bug fixes

Lightning v14b6 / 2814 2016-11-11 10:06

  • Hide the Lightning LWP when editing its desktop
  • When creating items through script, make sure there size is immediately available
  • A couple of new script APIs for subclassing items and help in using code library
  • Fix an issue with icon loading in the image picker
  • Fix changing item properties when using multi selection
  • Fix issues with wallpaper position
  • Fix issues with icon saving
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs

Lightning v14b5 / 2789 2016-11-05 09:57

  • Improved handling of nine patch loaded from resources
  • Fix an issue with backup on Android 7+ (temporary fix)
  • Fix a bug when entering the desktop settings screen with a special combination of resume event/action

Lightning v14b4 / 2781 2016-11-03 10:17

  • New feature: use any of your desktop as a live wallpaper
  • Support for Android 7.1 App Shortcuts
  • More explicit customize screen title
  • Allow the container menu to be customized too
  • Direct script selection for actions that are meant to be used with scripts (menus)
  • In the script picker, ability to filter scripts using the path
  • Basic builtin widget picker, using Florian Sundermann’s implementation.
  • Add a path parameter to the runScript API
  • Fix widget issues when used in panels on Android 5+
  • Fix some resources not being saved for the app drawer in template (icon layers, box background, action bar background)
  • Fix LL.getCurrentDesktop() when called from a background script
  • When starting the script editor, don’t create a new script if the last one has been deleted, and there are other scripts in the parent directories
  • A few bug fixes

Lightning v14b3 / 2749 2016-10-26 10:33

  • In the “Add item” dialog, it is now possible to choose between built-ins or plugins objects, where plugins are provided by script APKs
  • Add support for customizing the content of the item popup menu (and possibly its style too)
  • Allow builtin preference tools to be used from scripts (those used in the app’s settings screen)
  • Made the geometry box a bit wider
  • Modified the getScriptByName for better compatibility, and so that the usage of a path is explicit: use getScriptByPathAndName when a path is given. Same for runScript.
  • Updated icon font (really minor differences)
  • Fix a bug where icon or background may not load immediately
  • Fix the script editor not opening the last used script if the “include sub directories” option is checked.
  • Fix the properties box size upon screen rotation
  • Fix long back and menu key press on Android N
  • Fix a few crashes

Lightning v14b2 / 2715 2016-10-15 17:39

  • Scripts can now be classified in folders. This is easier to keep scripts organized, in particular when importing or merging templates
  • In the popup menu, display “Restart Lightning” instead of “Kill” when appropriate
  • New file and directory picker (used for picking fonts and script directory)
  • Smaller text in the geometry box, in order to limit wordwrap
  • Fix template merging
  • Fix a bug when using the “Go home” action in the app drawer
  • Fix a small glitch when moving the geometry box
  • Fix access to the app drawer container from script, when called outside of the app drawer screen
  • Fix untransled texts in the binding edit dialog

Lightning v14b1 / 2702 2016-10-12 14:05

  • Reworked the way the getActiveScreen() function works, so that it is more predictable and easier to use
  • Improved management of folders in background scripts
  • Optimized change of the scrolling direction property
  • Fix item properties modification under some conditions (container being reloaded after items are retrieved through script)
  • Fix detaching items through a script when the active screen doesn’t contain the item
  • Fix the alpha property changes taken into account but not immediately visible
  • Fix the box background image not always being immediately updated
  • Fix an issue when using runScript() when the target container for the event is removed during the calling script execution
  • Fix a crash that could happen sometimes when long tapping on an item and removing/updating it through script at the same time

Lightning v14a11 / 2686 2016-10-08 10:07

  • Fix a bug in the app drawer (was causing crashes in various circumstances like refresh, edit, etc.)

Lightning v14a10 / 2684 2016-10-07 11:40

  • Fix a crash when tapping on the app drawer and lightning shortcuts from the app drawer
  • Fix a crash in the app drawer after a configuration change and a mode change
  • Fix a refresh issue in the app drawer (items seem to move when opening the screen)
  • Fix an issue when adding an item by script in some situations (symptom: null pointer exception)
  • Fix issue with z-index changes after item modification through script
  • Fix a group of bugs that could lead to various script errors (inconsistent items)
  • Fix an error occurring when using F43nd1r’s App Drawer in any container script
  • Disable an optimization when modifying items cell through script

Lightning v14a9 / 2669 2016-10-05 14:19

  • New experimental action bar API (see ActivityScreen.showActionBar())
  • Move Lightning.runScript(screen, name, data) to Screen.runScript(name, data)
  • Move Lightning.createImage and createAnimation functions to Image. For instance use Image.createImage(100, 100)
  • New Lightning functions : getHomeScreen, getAppDrawerScreen, getLockScreen, getFloatingScreen, getBackgroundScreen, getIconsTypeface
  • New Image.createTextIcon to create high res icons from a symbol typeface
  • Allow scripts run in background to access all items and containers (was broken)
  • Fix panel position on first edit
  • Fix some issues when displaying a desktop in a folder or panel
  • Fix an issue when launching an app from the desktop load event
  • Fix a crash when displaying a script error in some context
  • Fix bindings not updated after modification of container settings
  • Fix container settings for the user menu
  • Fix open folder action on the floating desktop when the target folder is on another desktop
  • Fix bookmarks when panel or folder is involved

Lightning v14a8 / 2656 2016-09-29 15:00

  • Fix wrong list of desktops in the hierarchy screen just after a new setup
  • Fix a memory leak when editing panels
  • Move the API “HomeScreen.getCurrentDesktop()” to “Screen.getCurrentDesktop()
  • Fix several issues when the “Don’t keep activities” android developer option is set
  • Fix some issues with the event management in script (sample symptom: LL.getEvent().getItem() returns null after a timeout)
  • Fix possible flicker and position reset when modifying containers
  • Fix issues with items references becoming invalid in script, usually after some property change
  • The script method getEventScreen() has been removed, please use getEvent().getScreen() instead
  • Various fixes in the API documentation

Lightning v14a7 / 2641 2016-09-22 18:14

  • Fix a crash when entering edit mode and edit bars are hidden
  • Fix the user menu
  • Fix a crash that could appear when removing a desktop

Lightning v14a6 / 2640 2016-09-22 12:58

  • Fix lockscreen
  • Fix desktop preview in the “Configure desktops” screen

Lightning v14a5 / 2639 2016-09-22 11:26

  • Startup optimization, should be visible in particular in the app drawer
  • A few new launch animations
  • The default launch animation is now back to “System”
  • Build fix, solves script methods not found in Screen objects
  • Fix some crash when launching an app from the app drawer search
  • Fix app filtering in the app drawer when dealing with folders
  • Fix various minor bugs

Lightning v14a4 / 2622 2016-09-16 14:10

  • Fix issues with panel/folder naming in menus, hints, settings screen, most notably when sharing the same container
  • Fix a crash that could be seen when the app is stopped by Android
  • Fix the goToDesktopPosition API
  • Fix item sorting in the app drawer folders
  • Fix animate computation with values of type long (overflow)
  • Fix container settings screen in case of multiple use
  • Fix picking a script as action for an event in the general settings
  • Fix endless recursion when using scripts triggered by bindings
  • Fix a memory leak
  • In the app drawer, launching “Lightning Launcher” open the main settings screen
  • Rename “Restart app” action to “Restart Lightning”

Lightning v14a3 / 2614 2016-09-12 23:17

  • Fix Container.setPosition
  • Fix CustomView.getView
  • Fix various issues with container recursion
  • Fix screen rotation on devices 4.3 and earlier
  • Fix set variable action when not run from an item
  • Fix opening folders from the app drawer on the desktop
  • Fix move of several items out of a folder in the app drawer
  • Fix some crashes when using screen off/on events in some situations
  • Fix various issues with the user menu
  • Fix addition of new items when using an icon pack
  • Possible fix for frozen widgets (don’t know)

Lightning v14a2 / 2606 2016-09-10 11:15

  • Fix issues with bindings that could cause a crash at startup
  • Fix crashes with the user menu
  • Fix crashes when using the zoom actions in some situations
  • Fix bad folder title color binding

Lightning v14a1 / 2605 2016-09-09 09:40

Lightning v12.9.1 / 2583 2016-07-10 13:01

  • Fix for some properties not being saved on some items (for instance pin mode on widget)

Lightning v12.9 / 2577 2016-06-22 10:09

  • Disable the user menu in the app drawer
  • Fix unwanted animation when switching categories in the app drawer and there is only one category available
  • Fix position of newly installed apps in the app drawer when scrolling direction is set to horizontal only
  • Fix the alpha property not saved on some items
  • Solve home activity being launched twice at startup on some configurations
  • Add excludeFromRecents to lock screen

Lightning v12.9b3 / 2571 2016-05-31 09:54

  • Set the selection effect of newly created panel to plain in order to avoid unwanted ripples on Android 5+
  • Fix custom views loading in the floating desktop
  • Fix a crash that could possibly happen from time to time when leaving edit mode
  • Fix an issue with excessive CPU usage after dragging an item
  • Fix long tap & move in panels and not in edit mode
  • Fix a small glitch when moving item
  • Fix selected items count

Lightning v12.9b2 / 2560 2016-05-27 11:00

  • Fix a script bug in Item.setBinding which could cause some bindings to become frozen
  • Fix an issue related to “unclickable” items when using nested scrolling panel
  • Fix a crash that could be seen when leaving edit mode
  • Fix the ability to select multiple items when multi selection mode is off
  • Fix the “Add icon” action when not in edit mode (enforce edit mode)
  • Fix a crash happening when editing items with scripts set on pause/resume events
  • Speedup edit grid rendering
  • Removed the lock/unlock icon from the edit bottom bar
  • Add a hint when locking the desktop
  • Tuning of the selection box to make it more readable

Lightning v12.9b1 / 2548 2016-05-23 12:47

  • Icon normalization
  • Multi-selection in the editor
  • Subclassing is now possible in scripts, thanks to Lukas Morawietz
  • Fix the folder’s title not updating when changed through a binding or script