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======= FAQs, Tips & tricks ======= ==== App X is missing from the app drawer, or app Y cannot be launched ==== It might be the app drawer is out of sync with the Android list of apps, for instance upon device firmware update. In the app drawer, use the "Refresh" menu to update the app drawer. ==== Why this CALL_PHONE permission ? ==== This permission is needed for direct dial shortcuts, so that the launcher can directly call the number you added on the desktop. This permission is requested by nearly all launchers. ==== How to use desktop (or panel, folder) bookmarks ? ==== Inside a desktop, long tap and select "Add item / Shortcut" then choose "Lightning Desktop bookmark". It will add an icon that keeps the desktop, position and zoom at time of its creation. You can now move this shortcut elsewhere, tapping on it will bring you back to the saved location. And it also works for panels and folders ! ==== I can't set Lightning as the defaut launcher ==== This is a bug in some Android versions. Fortunately a workaround exists ! Please use this app to work around the issue: ==== Remove a panel ==== Enter edit layout mode in the desktop containing the panel, long tap on the panel and select "remove". ==== Batch add of applications from the app drawer to the desktop, or folder, or panel ==== Long tap on the desktop (or folder or panel), select "Add" then "App". Without leaving the App Drawer, repeatedly long tap on a app and select "Add to launcher". ==== Remove white borders from a panel ==== Enter edit layout mode in the desktop containing the panel, long tap on the panel, select "Customize item / More...". In the "Box" tab, select borders and set their size to 0. ==== Unlock a locked screen without unlocker ==== Simply reboot and enter LL settings **before** the screen is turned off after reboot. ==== I reinstalled LL / installed it on another device and some options are missing ==== Enable Expert mode in General Settings. ==== Remove the color of action bar in app drawer ==== Long tap on the desktop,select "settings",select "Lightning",select "app drawer",select "system bars",Under the action bar category select "Background Image" choose an image which is completely transparent and the action bar will become invisible. ==== Remove items which can't be touched(Due to overlapping or any other reason) ==== These items can be edited through Hierarchy list, to access it long tap the screen ,select "edit"(pencil icon),select "open the hierarchy" and through it you can edit any item present on that screen. ==== How to enable icon Reflections ==== Long tap screen,select "edit"(pencil icon),select the icon,tap "properties"(brush icon),select "icon" category,tick "enable Reflection". ==== How to change Launch animation ==== Long tap screen,select "edit"(pencil icon),select the icon,tap "properties"(brush icon),select "Misc" category,choose effect from "Launch animation" section. ==== How to Enable/Disable App drawer categories(My Drawer,Alphabetical..) ==== Long tap in app drawer,select "settings",select "App Drawer",tap section named as "Categories" and choose which you want to see in app drawer and which you don't.(NOTE- You can only see "Categories" section if you have enabled the expert settings earlier) ==== How to apply same styles to more than one item ==== When in edit mode(long press screen,then tap "edit") after applying the changes to 1st item,tap on "copy style" on the left hand side vertical bar,then select the next item you want to modify and tap "paste style". (NOTE-You can paste the style to more than one item) ==== How to apply same styles to all items in a container ==== When in edit mode(long press screen,then tap "edit") apply changes **without having any item selected**. ==== How to Undo actions ==== When in edit mode(long press screen,then tap "edit")the last action can be undone, to do it tap on "undo" from right hand side vertical bar. ==== How to check the preview of applied setting ==== When in settings windows just swipe to left to see the preview mode.It is possible for the user to see the effects of applied settings in preview mode (NOTE-Preview mode might differ from real thing) ==== How to use Desktop as a app drawer ==== Use the script(Lukas Morawietz): ==== How to give app drawer a card background==== Bckground wallpaper can be used of precised size as a card in app drawer or you can set color of background to white(Credit-Azariasz Trzciński): App Drawer ->Settings -> Wallpaper -> More:Color -> set: ffffffff ==== How to make the color of icons as Greyscale ==== When in edit mode(long press screen,then tap "edit"),tap the icon,tap "properties"(brush icon),select "icon" catogory,select "colorise",set:00ffffff

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