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====== About the script ====== * Purpose : Display week days with the current day in red * Author : Jappie Toutenhoofd * Link: ====== How to use the script ====== Create a new text item, edit its properties and scroll to the "Bindings" category (make sure expert mode is on). Add a new binding and select property "Text / Label", then paste the following code into the value box. You can customize the text item properties as usual (font, background, events, etc.) ====== Script code ====== <sxh javascript> var unused=$ll_day_name; var days=["sund","mon","tue","wed","thu","fri","sat"]; var now=new Date().getDay(); days[now]="<font color='red'>"+days[now]+"</font>"; return days.join(" "); </sxh>

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