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The main purpose of folders is to organize similar objects, for instance you could make a folder to store games, another one for internet related things, and so on. Folders can also be used for advanced effects such as side bars.

Basic operations

A folder is created by long tapping on the desktop and selecting “Add item” then “Folder”. It is important to note that you can do that in folders and in panels too. This way it is possible to create deeply organized structures if needed.

Once a folder has been created, you can start moving any object in it by dragging it over the folder icon. Hold the object a bit before to drop it so that the move is confirmed (the folder will be highlighted).

Another way to add content to a folder is to open it, and long tap / “Add item” in it.

When a folder is open and the app drawer is launched, adding apps to the desktop will automatically add icons inside the folder.

In order to move items out of the folder, long press on the item and select “Move out of folder”.


There are three things that can be customized in a folder:

  • its icon: it essentially shares all settings available on apps. Text and icons can be customized the same way. The folder has only one extra option to configure the icon style, so that it reflects the folders content.
  • its content: this is the same as configuring the desktop style. Mostly all settings are the same (font settings, icons options, borders, etc.). Long tap on the folder icon and select “Folder settings”, or directly from an open folder, long tap and select“Folder settings”.
  • its window: the window can be configured in size, placement, background color or image, animation, etc. To access folders window settings, enter the folders settings and go in “Current folder window”

Tips & Tricks

Set the folder window background (color or image)

Enter folder window setting (see above), scroll to the box editor, tap on “content” and select a color or image. For best effects, you may use a Nine Patch image.

Create a side bar

This is a nice way to use a folder: it will appear on one side of your screen using a slide animation.

  • Create a new folder, move apps in it and layout them in a column
  • Edit window settings: set “Horizontal alignment” to “Left”, set “Open” animation to “Slides to right” and “Close” animation to “Slides to left”
  • Go back to your home screen and test your brand new sidebar !

Try to play with settings, you will discover that changing open/close animations can be really fun!

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