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**Lightning Launcher start page** ====== Overview ======= Lightning Launcher is a fast, light and extremely customizable launcher (also known as "home screen replacement", or "shell"). ====== About this wiki ======= This wiki is a work in progress. Its structure is mostly ready, but it is missing content. Articles will be added progressively by contributors. Should you want to share your knowledge or share your tips & tricks, feel free to become a contributor yourself ;-) ====== Introduction ====== * [[What, who, where]] : information about this launcher, useful links * [[Concepts]] : ideas behind this launcher ====== In depth documentation ====== * [[Desktops]] : what a desktop is, navigation inside and between desktops, management * [[Items]] : your apps, shortcuts, widgets and more. How to add new items, place them, edit their style * [[Folders]] : gather apps, shortcuts or widgets inside folders, configure folders window and animation. * [[Panels]] : panels are a kind of embedded desktop. * [[App Drawer]] : the list of installed apps * [[Wallpaper]] : configure wallpapers * [[Images]] : notes about supported images format and ways to import images (PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG, other) * [[Lock screen]] : use a desktop as your lock screen * [[Floating desktop]] : use a desktop as an always on and always ready screen. It can be displayed above any other app. * [[bindings|Bindings & variables]] : set and animate items properties using variables * [[Scripting]] : extend the behavior of Lightning with JavaScript * [[Working with Tasker]] : extend Lightning capabilities with Tasker automation * [[tips_tricks|FAQs, Tips & Tricks]] : useful hints and frequently asked questions

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